Decorating with Designer Wallpaper? Get Some Tips Here!

Moving anywhere is quite stressful, and sometimes even if you move home doesn’t make it better. 
Fortunately, if your life experience includes moves to at least two houses, you might have developed 
some strategic plan how to avoid mistakes when getting ready for a big move.

Making all the boxing up, putting labels on the boxes, transporting it and trying to reorganize all your 
possessions – the entire process is quite daunting and boring, and this is not without reason…  
But for those people who don’t have lots of furniture for maneuvering, the process of moving can be 
less unbearable.

Of you own a house or a flat, or you are going to move home, you perhaps are full of ideas, enthusiasm
and inspiration that you have gained in pages of glossy magazine, describing how to decorate your new
home. This this one way, and the other option is your feeling relieved that you won’t have live with 
parents’ nagging anymore.

·        Decorating. When to start?

How long does the process of house purchase usually take? As a rule, you will need about 10 weeks to 
get all the papers done. During that period almost the whole picture of your already decorated house is 
shaped. Everything is included, especially designer wallpaper that you are going to cover the walls with. 
You have already decided if your home is full of furniture or it is empty and ready for any creative idea of yours. 
So go for it!

In case you don’t have too much time, because previous owners haven’t moved out yet, but you are 
ready to move in. So, think about putting the idea of decorating you home away for a short while. It’s quite 
difficult to imagine exactly how your interior is going to look like and be personalized by you when you have 
seen it just with the furniture and all the clutter of the previous homeowner. If you are lucky to have a 
newly-built house or apartment, there is a recommendation from experienced people not to put designer 
wallpaper on the walls at once, but wait for 6 month first. No matter which way you choose, it doesn’t mean 
that furnishing and design creating should be started immediately. And after, already having designer wallpaper
on your mind, you may go on with all the interior ideas, as well as thinking over furniture that can go with it.

·         Decorating rooms. Which should be the first one?

Don’t take two or more rooms at once, it’s better to take one. Having children means that you have to
 take their bedroom as the priority.  Firstly, you have to be sure that it’s safe for children, and they have 
everything for entertainment. While there is a space for the children to play and have fun, you can proceed 
with decorating all other rooms. For the boys and girls there is, for instance, a designer wallpaper mural of 

If you family doesn’t have children yet, then you should make the decision of the most unbearable room 
for you.  For instance, you feel comfortable in the kitchen, but you completely avoid spending time in the 
living room.

Consider the room that requires most of work (for example, bathroom or kitchen), as completing them 
will require longer period of time.

·         Colors and Themes
If you are greatly enthusiastic about decorating your home, you might have bought everything necessary 
for your inspiration, including heaps of designer wallpaper samples and colorful palettes.

Yes, we realize that you don’t want to hear that, but you are fully aware of the fact, that initial use of the 
scheme of neutral colors will really help you to see your home and understand it better. Depending on 
the quantity of natural light in the room, you will easier figure out where to give more character to the

Neutral colors don’t mean to be boring, and, moreover, using neutral colors doesn’t mean covering the 
entire home with beige from the floors to the roof. Adding some patterns or texture of the color combination
 will definitely add some character to the room. The combinations of colors are the following:

·         White / pearl
·         Brown / taupe
·         Beige / cream
·         Grey / silver

Pay attention to those parts of the house that may seem to you insignificant. But anyway, they may 
become a starting point for further decorating the room. Just to exemplify it: a skirting board of an oak 
should match stairs, doorframes and doors. And the next decision is going to be about the color of 
table or material of it.

·         Personalization

If the place where you are moving to is an empty shell, designer wallpaper is an ideal, quick and easy 
way to make a room personalized. Don’t forget about lighting when planning a makeover for the room, 
because this is a key element to reach that special mood and atmosphere in the apartment.

Depending on the right lighting choice, the room may become visually bigger or smaller, and if you are 
a person of minimalistic character, you’d perhaps think the strategy of lighting over (as a variant – spotlights 
are located around the room).

There are many more variants on how to personalize your new home, so our advice is to go for accessories 
shopping, such as cushions, picture frames, tealights, tealight holders, throws, wall art and etc.

·         Some more tips to keep in mind

1.       Just at once you find out the date of moving, and you have chosen the company that will help with 
removal, let them go first to make planning of the access, parking and some particular requirements for all 
the stuff that you bring to new home.

2.       Keep in mind all the last-ditch issues! You should know where the thermostat is, and also water 
stopcock located. And find out on what day they collect the bins!

3.       Most of people forget to indicate their new postal address after moving. Remember to redirect post 
to the new place of living. One more important issue is to ensure that you are provided with life insurance. 
Well, yes, you may say “Isn’t it attached with the bank to the mortgage?” Yes, it is, but double checking is 
always worth doing, don’t you agree?